Saturday 27 February 2021          
Required documents and registration process

Required documents for registration:

    1. The scanned copy the last academic certificate
    2. The scanned portrait of the candidate (3*4 photo)
    3. The scanned copy of passport
    4. Filled-in registration form (This form is retrievable from the AAZFA website.)

Registration Process for Campus Courses:

·      After sending the above-mentioned documents to and receiving the confirmation from AAZFA, it is   needed to refer to the following address which is the website of the International students affairs office of the Iranian   Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and register your personal information there:

 This will let you apply for an educational visa.

·         It is possible to pay after the arrival in Iran and the payment should be in dollars.

·         The arrangements for the accommodation are made by the university.

Registration Process for Virtual Courses:

·   After sending the above-mentioned documents to and receiving the confirmation from AAZFA, the students will be given username and password.

·    The tuition fee will be received after the course is finished. About the payment procedure, the students will be informed during the term.


NB: If it is necessary, the students of campus and virtual courses take a placement test.