Saturday 27 February 2021          
Introduction to Virtual Courses

Online Persian language instruction is offered via the Alzahra University portal and the classes are held through Adobe Connect. The students are not required to possess competent skills of softwares and technologies, as the necessary information and How-to is provided to the students before the courses begin. Regarding teaching methods, scientific level and proficiency of the tutors, multimedia facilities, and access to class equipment such as blackboards, practice notes, communication with the tutor and other students, class activity and involvement, the online courses are similar to the campus courses and with the same quality.

General Persian courses are held in elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels. Applicants may also take part in other courses available at this center. These courses include Persian language for specific purposes, reading journals, letter writing, mono-skill classes, and\or specific courses due to students' requests.


Main Teaching Sources at ICTP

·        Parsâ, Negârâ, Xânâ, and Rasâ books


Registration Procedure

Applicants may send the required documents to After the documents are reviewed, the applicants will be provided usernames and passwords. If required, the applicants shall first take part in an online placement test. After determination of students' proficiency level, the classes will begin. The class timing of virtual courses will be decided according to the convenience of learners as much as possible.

The final exams are held online. The learners will receive certificates issued by Alzahra University. To get more information about the length of the courses, students can visit the website at Persian language education courses.

Students who are inclined to observe the classes, can enter a class at Alzahra University portal for virtual classes ( by using the username and password below, click on "AZFA 1", and enter one of the classes: 

Username: test

Password: 1234tp!TP

Applicants may also view the pre-recorded video of the classes of the center, available on this website.